About Us

Local Ground allows you to create and share your own annotated online maps. You can draw on existing maps, add pictures, audio, video and other data, and share with your friends, family and colleagues.


We are always interested in new ideas for Local Ground, and for new ways to collaborate with teachers, students, non-profit organizations and other mappers everywhere!

Please send us email at info@localground.org, or call us at +1-510-859-3003.


Local Ground is a project that started at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Current Team

  • Sarah Van Wart
    Developer, Researcher, and Manager
  • Tapan Parikh
    Developer, Researcher, and Manager
  • Kathryn Lanouette
  • John McGrath
    Web Developer
  • Riley Flynn
    Web Developer
  • Cynthia Mah
    Web Developer
  • Karin Goh
    Web Developer Intern

Past Contributors

  • Ellen Van Wyk
    UX/UI, Visual Designer, User Researcher
  • Zack McHardy
    Web Developer
  • Lucio Lopez
    Web Developer Intern
  • Vibhore Vardhan
    Sys Admin
  • Seongtaek Lim
    Web Developer
  • Meena Natarajan
    UX/UI, Researcher
  • Anna Keune
    Designer, Documentation, User Researcher
  • Christy McCain
    Database, Sys Admin, Image Processing
  • Joyce Tsai
    UX/UI, Visual Designer, User Researcher. Founding Member

Special Thanks

Local Ground would like to acknowledge the following people, who helped us develop our system by contributing ideas, and time to the project:

  • Antwi Akom, Aekta Shah, Aaron Nakai, Sabaa Shoraka, and I-SEEED.
  • Tony Marks-Block, Kevin Cuff, and the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists EBAYS at the Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Deb McKoy, Ariel Bierbaum, and the Center for Cities & Schools
  • April Surwalsky and the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Council
  • Mr. Gutierriez's 2009-2010 U.S. History class @ Kennedy High School
  • Michael Manoochehri and Nate Gandomi

The Code

Local Ground has used image processing ideas and code from Walking Papers, OpenCV, PIL, and GIMP, and runs on GeoDjango + PostgreSQL. Local Ground is under active development, and is Open Source.