Local Ground is a project that started at the UC Berkeley School of Information. The main contributors to the project are:

  • Sarah Van Wart
  • Christy McCain
  • Meena Natarajan
  • Tapan Parikh
  • Joyce Tsai

Special Thanks

Local Ground would like to acknowledge the following people, who helped us develop our system by contributing ideas, and time to the project:

  • Antwi Akom, Aekta Shah, Aaron Nakai, Sabaa Shoraka, and I-SEEED.
  • Tony Marks-Block, Kevin Cuff, and the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists EBAYS at the Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Deb McKoy, Ariel Bierbaum, and the Center for Cities & Schools
  • April Surwalsky and the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Council
  • Mr. Gutierriez's 2009-2010 U.S. History class @ Kennedy High School
  • Michael Manoochehri and Nate Gandomi

The Code

Local Ground has used image processing ideas and code from Walking Papers, OpenCV, PIL, and GIMP, and runs on GeoDjango + PostgreSQL. We hope to post our source code soon, so stay tuned!